Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Common Questions About Getting a Keg

Now these prices are for full size kegs and vary depending on where one buys the keg, If I show a price range assume the lower price is the price in Chico and the high price is the price in Davis. Note these prices do not include tax or keg shell deposit and they are not completely accurate! Call Aggie Liquor in Davis 530-753-4441 or Star Liquor in Chico 530-891-4842 for up to date pricing.

45-55 Natural Ice/Keystone Light (Disgusting)

55-65 Miller Genuine Draft (Utter Crap)

60-70 Pabst Blue Ribbon (King of the Shitty Beers)

80-90 Coors and Coors Light (Standard Beer Pong Grade Beer)

90-120 Bud, Bud Light (Bud Blows Goats for Quarters)

80-120 Butte Creek Brewing Company's Beers (this is a small brewery in Chico, some of their beers are great some are complete crap, also they are inconsistent from batch to batch which can result in one getting a crappy keg.

99-130 Sierra Nevada (Really Good Beer) Styles (Pale Ale, Draught Style Pale Ale, Brown Ale, IPA, Stout, Porter, Early Spring Beer, Anniversary Ale, SummerFest, Celebration Ale, Wheat, Crystal Wheat, Pale Bock, and several more)

115-150 Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale and Big Foot (Both Hardcore Beers, Bigfoot more so)

150-200 Any of the Red Hook Brewing Company's Products, Any of the Pyramid Brewing Company Beers, Widmer Hefeweizen, Anchor Steam, Just about any US Microbrew, Guinness*, Heineken*, Spaten*, Bass Pale Ale*, Becks* Chimey* (I would suspect Chimey to be even more expensive then what I have listed)

Now would be a good time to talk about beer keg sizes, Kegs come in four sizes, which are referred to by two different names just to keep things simple. Firstly you have the pony kegs which refers to either a 5.23 gallon/19.80 liter keg or a 7.75 gallon/30 liter keg. Then there is the full size keg or half barrel keg as it is sometimes called. This is referring to a 15.5 Gallon (59.42 Liter) keg. *With the exception of full size European Kegs which are smaller then a full size US keg

Here is a break Down Of Keg Sizes
1/6 Barrel 5.23 gallon/19.80 liter which provides 53 12oz servings 39 pints or 39 plus full red cups
1/4 Barrel 7.75 gallon/30 liter which provides 82 12oz servings or 60 Pint servings ie. 60 full red cups
1/2 Barrel (American full size keg) 15.5 gallon/59.42 which provides 165 12oz servings or 119 pints or 119 full red cups
*European Full Size Keg 13.21 gallon/50 liter which provides 140 12oz servings or 100 pints or 100 full red cups

All the beers I marked with and star"*" come in a full size European Keg for the price displayed. Because this keg is smaller (by 2.3 gallons) then its full size American counterpart it makes the European beer more expensive per unit volume. Keep in mind some of the best beers in the world come in European kegs, such as Guinness Draught and Spaten. I have had both of these kegs (Spaten and Guinness Draught) before and I can promise they are worth the their cost if you are really looking for a good beer.
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Anonymous said...

Where can I get a keg of Sierra Nevada Brown or Crystal Wheat in the Sacramento area?

keg sizes said...

How much keg shell inside kegerator?