Monday, February 4, 2008

Brooks Team Professional Revisited

I think my Brooks Team Pro is starting to conform to my butt, or at least my butt is starting to conform to it. I have the seat tipped a little bit farther down in the front then when I last posted about it. This has been much more comfortable. For a short time my post about my Brooks Team Pro was the sixth or seventh return on Google when you entered the search query "Brooks Team Pro." It would seem the post has fallen in the ranks. In reality I should have been referring to my seat as a Brooks Team Professional, but I got lazy and called it a Brooks Team Pro.
Having had my seat for a month now I can write a review based on actually using the product.
If you are considering getting one of these seats I highly recommend it. The team pro comes in a natural leather color called honey and in black. I chose the black because it look better on my bike and it does. In fact this saddle looks awesome, it has great curves and a very sleek appearance. The oversize copper or brass rivets stand out giving the saddle a hammered handmade look. I made sure to buy a seat cover for my team pro so the rain would not spoil its good looks.
Besides occasional upkeep (such as treating the leather with proofide) and the need to keep it out of the rain and wetness this saddle is no more work then any other saddle. Don't let someone tell you a leather saddle is to much work to keep up and so on and so forth. The Brooks Team Professional is comfy on your behind and doesn't put pressure on those sensitive spots that can leave you sore after a ride and not functioning after a ride. My Brooks Team Pro seems to get more comfortable every time I ride it. If I was to rate it from the most comfortable saddle I have ridden so far to the worst I would say it is the best saddle ever. When I get this saddle completely broke in I am planning on putting it on my road bike and getting a second Brooks Team Pro for my fixed gear.
If you buy this saddle I recommend purchasing it online from Lickbike in Illinois. They seem to have the best price for it around, and if you call in your order they are very nice and will often ship the same day. You should always check your local bike shops first to see if they have this saddle in stock. Maybe they can order it for you and you can get them to price match Lickbike. Maybe not, I tried to do this with Ken's Bike and Ski in Davis and it was a no go. If you do go ahead and buy a Brooks Team Professional make sure to buy a saddle cover and the Brooks Proofide at the same time. The proofide will soften and protect the leather while the saddle cover will keep your new investment nice and dry when you are forced to park your beloved bike out in the rain.

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