Sunday, September 9, 2007

All Moved In

Currently I have a keg of Widmer Hefeweizen on tap in my kegerator. Did I mention I moved
last weekend. It has been a while since I lasted posted. Thursday the 30th I made the trek from my appartment in South Davis to my new duplex in West Davis. A friend of mine who I am now living with in West Davis rented a UHAUL which was most effective for moving all of ones crap from one side of town to the other. The new place is really nice, it is a duplex, we have a garage and a nice back yard, where I have placed a medium sized bug zapper. There is nothing like the sound of bugs getting zapped. I have made a few trips to Ikea, Costco , Winco and Trader Joe's to pick up a couch and some more food. I picked up a few fine bottles of liquor at Costco. My purchase incuded a bottle of Bombay Gin, Baileys Irish Cream, Jameson and some vermouth. It is not like I am going to drink them all at once, they will last a long while. When I was a Winco I found cans of Guinness for a buck a can, I bought twenty. You can't deny a good buy on Guinness. Now I can introduce my housemate a to Guinness Car Bomb. I bought a new couch at Ikea, it is blue and fits three people. I was amazed we were able to fit it in my parents car. Well they did have to tie the back door down as it would not close. In the garage I have started to hang up posters and signs. I'll try to keep the actual house details to a minimum, other then to say the house is great.
What I will focus on is the little bundle of joy my parents brought down from Chico for my housemates and I. My kegerator, as you can see from the photos my kegerator is a black fridge which contains a keg of fine beer. Currently the beer on tap is Widmer Hefeweizen. In my opinion Widmer Hefeweizen is one of the best American Hefeweizens. I find it to be tasty and refreshing. A keg (a half barrel, 15.5 gallons, 58.67 liters) of Widmer Hefeweizen is a semi expensive keg, not as much as Spaten or Guinness but more then a keg of Sierra Nevada. I have noticed that Sierra Nevada is quite a bit cheaper in Chico then it is in Davis. Also most places in Davis only seem to carry Pale Ale and not much else in the terms of a selection of Sierra Nevada kegs.
I am sure some might be interested in my kegerator its self. Here are the specs; the fridge I bought of of craigs list for twenty bucks, the black oil based paint from Lowe's cost more then the fridge. My current set up includes a ten pound CO2 tank with a duel gage duel keg regulator
a CO2 filter and a D system keg coupler (tap) the beer runs via a food grade beer line through a stainless steel shank into a stainless steel faucet. I also have a complete Guinness set up including a forty cubic foot bevgas (Guinness Gas, 75% Nitrogen 25% CO2) tank a U system keg coupler and a stout faucet. This set up allows me to dispense Guinness and other nitrogen beers. I have a second D system Keg coupler and a S system keg coupler (for beers such as Heineken.) To keep tabs on the temp inside my fridge I keep a centigrade thermometer inside of a glass of water. I am sure it is to cold but my fridge stays around one degree Celsius. Ideally the fridge should be at around three degrees Celsius. Here is a picture of the inside of my kegerator. Not the Keg of Widmer Hefeweizen, the keg coupler. The red hose is the CO2 hose, and the clear hose is the beer line. I keep all my cans of Guinness in the bottom of the kegerator.
On the outside of my kegerator I have an assortment of magnets and stickers. Most notably is a French license plate from Provance, note the thirteen.
The CO2 filter is my newest investment in the kegerator. I bought it with the hope that it will protect my beer investment from contamination by stuff in the CO2 gas. The filter is supposed to be good for a year. If anything it looks sharp so I cannot complain.
I really enjoy my kegerator and I feel that the beer inside really brings people together. Most everyone like a good pint of beer and even if you don't I find everyone can apperciate the kegerator, even if they don't drink. I find beer and draft beer dispensing to my incredably interesting and will be undoughtbly interested in them for the forseable future. Making this only the begaining in posts about the kegerator and draft beer dispensing.
In bike news the Peugeot lives. I found someone to remove the bottom bracket and it is being replaced along with new cranks and chain ring. Currently it looks like I will be getting the Peugeot back mid week. I am really looking forward to riding it again, it has been a really long time. I will post pictures of the new cranks and chain ring once I get the bike back.

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Emily said...

I don't think Sierra Nevada makes very many beers available by keg outside of Chico. Jessica used to work there and I remember her saying something about that.