Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Another Flat

It would seem to me that breaking bottles on the street must be good fun to someone with no consideration of others. I know a guy who use to break bottles on the street all the time, he was a bit bitter, I like to think he had some consideration of others. So far as I know he doesn't break bottles on the street anymore, so I guess it was a phase. How ever you spin it breaking glass on the street is irresponsible, dangerous (to the person breaking the glass and to others) and destructive (to more then just to the bottle.)
Where am I going with this, I think you can tell from the post title. I got another flat today, from running over glass. I didn't see the the glass coming and straight up ran over both big and small pieces. The sound of crunching glass was clearly audible over the sound of the guy mowing the grass next to the road. I was pretty sure right then that I would get a flat. I could only hope that I would make it to school and the flat would be on my front tire. I really dislike tensioning my chain, which is involved in fixing a flat on the back tire. Not that I am bad at it, I just can think of other things I would rather do, like calculus homework. I was most surprised to find both tires still containing air when I came out of calculus an hour later. The front tire was a little low, but still full enough to ride on it. My organic chem lecture is about 600m away from the math lecture. When I came out of chem lecture 100 minutes later, yes it is a long boring lecture. I found the front tire to be completely flat.
I found a bench in a shady spot and started to fix the flat only to find that not only had the tire been punctured by the glass that was on the street, the rubber had also separated from where the valve stem attaches to the tube. The hole this caused was about 3 to 4mm across, in a place where you can clearly not patch a tube. Making this the final blow for this tube, I had patched it twice before, but it didn't make it this time. I am not sure what to do with this tube now, but I think I will hang on to it. Maybe I will find a use for it in the future. Fortunately the boy scouts instilled more then just homophobia in me. They also taught me to be prepared. I pulled out a replacement tube I always carry around in my messenger bag with me. The valve stem is much longer on this tube then on the tube I have in my back tire. Making my bike a little mismatched, it does not bug me to much. If I was anymore obsessive compulsive, I would have to change the back tube so that the valve stems on both wheels would be the same length.
Sadly I am in the library on campus as my internet at home is still down. Here on campus there is no beer allowed. Meaning this blog post was brought to you by nothing more then water and a little advil.
Why the advil? Well I have modern medicine to thank for this one. A few years ago I had my tonsils removed after they became badly infected, real nasty shit. Thing is the Doc who did the tonsil removing cutting type operation failed to remove my entire left tonsil. Meaning that two to three times a year that small remaining bit of tonsil gets infected and swells up to the size two to three gumdrops and hurts. It feels like a very localized case of strep throat, being that only one small portion of your throat actually hurts. Meaning that yes this is in fact much better then getting strep throat, but at the same time it is still a pain in the ass.

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