Monday, August 20, 2007

Saying Goodby

This will be a short post as I am pressed for time. I will give you an update on my Peugeot. Basically as a bike frame it's finished. I couldn't just replace the crank because the point where the new crank attaches to the bottom bracket didn't match up. The bottom bracket was to big, I am sure I am using bike terminology incorrectly. I then tried to have the bike shop replace the bottom bracket and cranks with an identical 40 tooth crank. Unfortunately the right side of the bottom bracket was fused to the frame and could not be removed. This is the end of my Peugeot, it was a great frame and I really enjoyed riding it around Chico and Davis. I will be donating the frame minus the handle bars to the Davis Bike Church where hopefully someone can make use of the fork and seat post. Maybe someone will use the rest of the frame for an art project. One can only hope. I have a Schwinn frame at my home in Chico and I will head up there to fetch it this weekend and then switch all the components from my Peugeot over to the Schwinn Frame. I am going to put new handlebars on the Schwinn frame because the current bars are cut off drop offs and I don't like them. I'll probably use the old handle bars off the Peugeot if they fit. Well thats all for now... Oh ya I am currently enjoying a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, always a tasty choice...

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