Thursday, August 2, 2007

My First Post

Hello there, this is my first post to my new blog called "Fixed Gears and Beer." I am a Undergraduate majoring in Food Science and minoring in Art History at the University of California at Davis or UCD for short. I came up with the idea for this blog while ridding to school on my early 70's red Peugeot fixed gear. A friend of mine bought this bike at a yard sale for $30 a few months ago it was in bad shape the rubber on the wheels was coming apart it was rusting up. My friend and I tore off all the components on the bike and pulled off the wheels. We replaced the wheels with a wheel set I bought from Pullin's Cyclery in Chico, CA. I spent about 280 on the wheel set. I'll look at what the brand is and post the make of the wheels on a future blog. We cleaned off the rust and put the new wheel set on and the bike has been great . I love riding my bike, it is really smooth and fast. Currently my good digital camera is dead, I couldn't find the charger till today so the first few pictures on the blog were taken with my camera phone.
Tonight's beers include Widmer Hefewiezen, Red Hook long hammer IPA, Pyramid Hefeweizen and not pictured but throughly enjoyed was a bottle of Guinness. Really tonight I was supposed to be studying for a math final tomorrow, but I blew it off, I was totally burned out today by the O-Chem Final I took. I can't say that it want well, but I am certain I passed.
The pictures of fixed gears featured in this blog post were all taken with my camera phone on the UCD campus over the last two weeks. Today after my O-Chem final I rode around for a hour looking for fixed gears and I found a few. I took a few pictures, the pink fixed gear at the bottom of this post was one of the bikes I photographed today. I was also treated to the fine sight of a attractive girl ridding a fixed gear. As she rode by I asked her if she was riding fixed and she responded in the affirmative. Maybe I will see her again, one can only hope...
The Beers of the night, Widmer Hefeweizen, Pryramid Hefeweizen, Red Hook Long Hammer IPA and a Guinness (not pictured)I have seen this fixed gear several places around campus, I am yet to meet its owner. Note that this fixed gear is brakeless.

This is a picture of a hardened chain and look I found on a bike. I had to take a picture of it as it is the most secure and hardcore lock I have seen sense I came to Davis.
PINK! Maybe a girls bike, but the frame was big and the seat was raised really high so it is hard to say. Note the pink chain.

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