Thursday, August 16, 2007

Crank No More

Bad news for my bike, I broke the crank. I mean really broke the crank, take a look at the pictures below. I was waiting at a stoplight about a half a mile from my appartment. The light turned green and the car in front of me started to go, I pushed down on the peddle and the peddle gave way but it felt very odd, as though it suddenly became easier to peddle. There were popping sounds fallowed by a cracking sound. My bike came to a stop and I looked down to find my outside crack completely bent out of shape and my inside crank broke into three pieces. All but two or three of the bolts holding the inside crank to the outside crank had sheared off and the crank was broke into as I said three pieces. My bike was clearly not ridable, so I pushed it back to my appartment. Where I further inspected the damage and took these pictures. B&L Bike Shop here in Davis is fortunately open until eight pm. After loading my busted up fixed gear into my car I drove to the bike shop. Needless to say the people at the shop where impressed with the damage this was probably not a good sign. The shop quoted me eighty bucks to fix my bike. I can't fix it myself because I don't have the tools. They are putting on a whole new crank and peddle arm. The old crank I was ridding was a forty tooth, the new one is going to be a forty six tooth. This forced me to have my back cog changed out. There was a fifteen tooth cog on the back tire now I am moving to a seventeen tooth cog. The new cog is a better brand so I can't complain. Apparently the work on my bike might be done by Friday, but most likely will be completed on Monday. While I am without my bike I have been fortunate enough to have the roommate of a dear friend loan me their bike. I couldn't been more delighted with this, and I throughly appreciate their generosity in loaning me their bike. So for the next few days I won't be ridding fixed, I am going to be on a mountain bike. Who really cares so long as I have a bike to ride!

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