Thursday, August 9, 2007

Paying the Bill

For the last the last two days I have been without internet at home. Yes it has been a long two days, yesterday was just a bit of a pain in the ass. On my way back home from school (after writing my last blog entry) my back tire went flat. I chose to push my bike the last half mile rather then fix the flat on the side of the road. A good choice considering at home I can fix the flat while sitting in the shade drinking a beer.
Today I had math and chem lectures. Let me tell you the chem lecture was just dreadful. I will go in to more depth on my growing distaste of my chem professor in future posts.
The fun began after class when I headed to the bike shop, which is always great because there are so many tempting items. Lately I have been going to B&L Bike Shop at 610 3rd Street. I have found the staff to be knowledgeable and very nice. Not rude and uninterested to the needs of the customer as was the case at the Davis Wheel Works just down the street from B&L. Maybe the case was simple the guys at Davis Wheel Works didn't care about me because I only went there for a couple of tubes and some valve stem adapters. Either way they should still treat you politely.
After visiting the bike shop I ran over to Ace Hardware to buy some drain clog remover. The drain in my shower has been clogged up for the last week or so, it is very bothersome.
I made it home to began my next quest: fixing the DSL. Fortunately the lady who use to live at my appartment before I moved in called me back and provided all of the AT&T account information for the appartment. I got on the phone with AT&T and we all know how that goes. Fortunately I didn't have to wait in the queue to talk to a living breathing person. After speaking to a few people I found out that my hunch was correct about the DSL. No one had paid the bill, so I paid it. Now I just have to get my roommates to pay me back, which I am sure they will they are all good people. Now the DSL is back on, which is good, as it is nice to have DSL. AT&T said it was going to take four hours for the DSL to come back on and it only took about a half hour. I was most pleased.
Sadly I have math homework to do tonight. There is a quiz tomorrow morning which should be just delightful. Needless to say I am not looking forward to it.
When I arrived at Hunt Hall for chem lecture, I parked my bike right across from another fixed gear. I had photographed this one before parked outside the memorial union. It made its first appearance on the blog post "No Internet Today." I took a higher resolution photograph of it today, and I have posted it here, enjoy.

Fixed gear parked in front of Hunt Hall my bike is visible in the photo also

While writing this post I was enjoying a bottle of Butte Creek Organic IPA brewed in Chico, CA. Always a strong and refreshing beer with a ABV of 7.1%
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Emily said...

What is ABV?

Anonymous said...

alcohol by volume = abv

jeff, if you're splitting a dsl bill with roommates you should ask at&t to increase your dl/ul rates. you can get up to 300kb/s down. it's totally ridiculous.